I'm Amy. I'm home educating our 2 cubs, overseeing the Kids Ministry at our Church Plant in NYC and trying to remember what day of the week it is. 
I really believe:
making disciples starts at home.

My Jesus Story

My Jesus Story

My Jesus Story


Craft Activity showing children their story is part of God's big story.

When I heard it was cardboard craft themed week over on one of my favourite Instagram Craft Communities @smocks.on I thought let's do something different, and suddenly 'BOOKS' came to mind!  As we hadn't read our bible together for a wee while I thought let's make one!

We sat around and listened to me read a couple of stories from The Beginner's Bible and then we listened to the audio of the Jesus Story Book Bible, you can follow the links in our Must-Have's to get yourself one (and help us with a few pennies through our ads).

I had a go at explaining like Sally Lloyd Jones does that "Every story whispers his name" and that includes ours. Our lives and stories are known by God and written on his heart. So I presented my pre-cut mini cardboard books and asked them "What's your story?" We sat and made our mini books together thinking of us and Jesus.

The bigger books represented the bigger story that we are part of. I suggested that they could paint/draw one of the Bible stories they listened to earlier or a favourite one they know. We used our fab PlayColor Paint Sticks, they are so bright, great for little hands and a good lesson for our perfectionist to persevere on bumpy cardboard.

Mr Dude wanted to do his Bible like my mini story and say "Thank you Jesus" i asked what he was thankful for and he wanted me to write it. As he showed me his mini book he explained his desire to meet Jesus now and wish he didn't have to wait. 

Little Miss drew flowers  and a rainbow and grass in her Bible because "God made the world and he loves me". I reminded her that the Bible says he cares about you even more than the flowers. Her My Story book gave me all the feels, seeing Jesus fly to her rescue, whisk her away in his "golden car" to his home, saving her from the water. 

I said to her, "What does Jesus say?" She thought and said, "Follow me." (We hadn't even read those stories earlier!) I asked, what would you like to say to Jesus, she said "I said Ok!" 

They then spent some time sitting on the sofa 'reading' their bibles and talking about Jesus loving them.

This was the highlight of my day. Why not give it a go.

Even our 2.5 year old friend had a go and showed me she'd drawn a King.





It's a great introduction into our personal stories being part of a much bigger one. 

So what's your story?!

Amy xoxo


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