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4 Autumnal Activities for Prayer, Praise and Prophecy with Kids

4 Autumnal Activities for Prayer, Praise and Prophecy with Kids

Autumnal Activities

God speaks to us through nature and objects.

It’s a festive time of year when we begin decorating for Autumn and getting those pumpkins out. Here are 4 activities that you can do with your cubs, one a week, or spread over the month, as ways to connect your hearts to God’s.


1.  Nature Objects - Click Here



2. Handbag/Household Objects - Click Here

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3.  Pumpkin Party - Click Here



4. Nature Cards:


This one needs no introduction! Hide some objects in your garden or an area in your local park. Give them clues for what they're looking for. Then do the same but with natural items they have to hunt for - like twigs, pine cones, a red leaf, 5 conkers...etc. Write a thank you card to God when you get home for making such amazing things!

Next, collect some twigs, different coloured leaves and stick them on a card for someone your cubs want to encourage. Help them arrange them into a picture, or different shapes, or put some googly eyes on them and watch them come to life.

After you've laid out the objects in activity 1 or 2, encourage your cubs to paint a picture and make it into a card for someone. Don't forget to do it together!

Autumnal art activities


These activities helps you to teach your cubs that they may see something in nature or an every day object, and they can ask God about it. While they are talking to God about it, a person may come to mind, or they can ask God directly if there is someone he wants them to encourage. Or it may be that God wants to speak to them personally through it. By teaching them to ask questions, you can help them understand what he's saying. 

When you're starting, it'll take time for them to know how to recognise God's voice. He will speak to them in a way that is creative but that is familiar, their language, their likes, interests. They are learning confidence and techniques of how to chat to God, hear him and ask questions, whether it’s about their friends or nature, things that interest them or something that catches their attention. Learning how to seek him and hear him in the every day world around them.

Enjoy the connections and conversations that develop as you do these activities together.


Head over to see our own pumpkins --> Here

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