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4 Activities On The Theme of Names

4 Activities On The Theme of Names

November: Names

Names are special, yours, your friends' and God's.

Usually I set up a pack of activities for the whole month ahead of time. But this month I am going to upload the activities each week. We are moving back to the United States this month so it's been a bit too busy to get it all ready in time. So stay tuned!

God Knows My Name - Craft Activity exploring your name and God's purpose behind it.

The Names of God - Craft Activity discovering God's names and the significance for you. Includes Jesus I AM statements and Old Testament names.

See Also Holy Spirit Description pack

You Name It! - Thanksgiving week. You name it, thank God for it.

Friends Names - Write an acrostic poem for a friend - why not use the people templates in our store

Click the picture to be taken to the activity.

Week One: God knows my name

Get the paints out and get going!

Week Two: Do you know God's names?

Discuss together which characteristic of God you need to know for you today.

Week Three: Enter His Gates With Thanksgiving - Name the things you're thankful for.


Use the discussion prompts or write/draw your own ideas behind the thankful doors.

Week Four: Name your friends and thank God for them




Make a Gratitude House

Make a Gratitude House

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4 Autumnal Activities for Prayer, Praise and Prophecy with Kids