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Make a Spinner to Learn the Names of God

Make a Spinner to Learn the Names of God

Our names have significance, and so do God's names. Why does he have so many names? In the Old Testament when people learnt something new about God, or were so in awe of one of his characteristics, they would often build a symbolic reminder, and call the place after him. Almost like, this is where I learnt that...God is the Lord who ... Other times, God declared to people who he was and reminded them, so that next time they got in a tricky situation they could declare who God was to help hold on to their faith in him.

David wrote in Psalms about God being his Shepherd. Jehova Ra'ah.

I particularly love this Hebrew word for Shepherd because it reminds me of a lion's roar. RAAH. And when I think of God protecting me, his little sheep, I imagine he'd fight for me like a lion in my defence. It also makes me think of how he roars over me with love. As a Shepherd cares for his sheep and goes looking for the one who wanders off, so too does God. I see him roaring and calling out for me, if I wander or have lost sight of him. Jehovah Ra'ah, will find me. The Lord is My Shepherd.

Knowing God's names help us understand him. Help us know him better.

Hagar declared him to be El Roi. "You are the Lord who sees me", even in her brokenness and fear and shame and sin, God rescued her and called her back. Just like he does with us when we make mistakes or run away from him. He calls us and instead of a harsh "Oi !", he softly beckons us back in all our mess, and says with love, I see you.

I imagine it to sound, My darling child, I see you. He is the Lord who sees us, El Roi.

When life is spinning we need to remember who God is!

He is our solid rock.

So in keeping with this truth I have made a Spinning craft to help us remember some of God's names and characteristics.


Little Miss and I looked up stick men drawings on google relating to the words and she chose the ones she thought were best and copied them herself. (The Provider and Sees me got mixed up but otherwise isn't it great!) A nurse for healer, Binoculars for he sees, and giving a gift for Provider. Beautiful.

Here below are some examples of ones we also made after, with the theme:
 God is with me whatever the weather. 


I've included a set of Old Testament names for God as well as a second set of the 7 famous statements Jesus made saying, "I AM..." There's also a third set which is just blank for you to use however you wish!

Find this on the download

Find this on the download

You will need:
- Cardstock (for best results)
- Scissors
- Paper Fasteners / Split Pins (While we waited for hubby to find and buy some we used paperclips so don't worry if you can't get hold of any pins.) TRY HERE
- Something to draw/colour/paint with.

Cut out*
Colour in
Make a hole with scissors (don't let your kid stab themselves in the thumb like I did!)
Push pin fastener through both pieces

The blank set possibilities are endless! Toddlers learning their colours, early readers sight words, or why not draw pictures of family/pets and favourite things!  

Click -->Here<-- to download this week's craft!

*When I let them do their own, inevitably the circles ended up not fitting neatly together so you decide if you want them neat and matching or slightly wonky donkey!

If you make one why not tag us on Instagram of Facebook to share it with us. @raisinglittledisciples

For an amazing Bible devotional book to learn the Names of God, and read alongside this craft, check out this beautiful recommendation: I AM, 40 Reasons to Trust God.

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Enjoy spinning!!


Extra Reading and a longer list of Old Testament names click on the link below.

The Lord is my Shepherd - Jehovah Ra'ah

Meaning and Derivation: Jehovah is translated as "The Existing One" or "Lord." The chief meaning of Jehovah is derived from the Hebrew word Havah meaning "to be" or "to exist." It also suggests "to become" or specifically "to become known" - this denotes a God who reveals Himself unceasingly. Rô'eh from which Raah derived, means "shepherd" in Hebrew. A shepherd is one who feeds or leads his flock to pasture (Eze 34:11-15). An extend translation of this word, rea', is "friend" or "companion." This indicates the intimacy God desires between Himself and His people. When the two words are combined - Jehovah Raah - it can be translated as "The Lord my Friend."

Further references of the name Jehovah-Raah in the Old Testament:
Gen 48:15Gen 49:24Psa 23:1Psa 80:1

 Original post November 2018, updated in February 2019.


I AM, 40 Reasons To Trust God, by Diane Stortz

I AM, 40 Reasons To Trust God, by Diane Stortz

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