I'm Amy. I'm home educating our 2 cubs, overseeing the Kids Ministry at our Church Plant in NYC and trying to remember what day of the week it is. 
I really believe:
making disciples starts at home.

Who is Holy Spirit?

Who is Holy Spirit?

Who is Holy Spirit?

How well do we know him?

We can so often find it hard to understand and describe Holy Spirit: the third 'Person' of the Trinity. If we don't understand Him, know what He's like, or experience him, it is going to be hard to introduce our children to Him.

How do you introduce Holy Spirit to your cubs?

We can experience the presence of Holy Spirit in many different ways. He reveals the loving thoughts of the Father (1 Corinthians 2:10), the love and teaching of Jesus (John 16:12-15), and guides us in his peace and wisdom (John 14:26-27).

Below are some descriptions of how we can experience him, the words in bold link to a relevant Bible verse. Turn these phrases into prayers, may the Holy Spirit fill you with...

  • His power can feel like a rushing wind, or a flowing river through our veins.
  • His power fills us with hope that abounds and overflows.
  • His love can feel like a fire burning in our hearts, or make our hearts flutter like a dove.
  • He heals us and gives us freedom, which can also feel like electricity or fire within us.
  • His peace can feel like our soul has woken up, taking a deep breath as life pours in.
  • His truth brings clarity to our minds, renewing our thoughts, steadying our internal paths. 
  • His encouragement makes us feel stronger as he imparts courage and cheer us on.
  • His courage gives us boldness to trust ourselves, and him, to face impossible things.
  • His boldness empowers us to tell people about this Good News.
  • His friendship brings comfort that draws us close to his heart, joy that makes us laugh.
  • His goodness and faithfulness give us confidence to share our vulnerabilities.
  • He is omnipresent Emmanuel - the Spirit of God who is with us always, given by Jesus.

Wow. Isn't Holy Spirit amazing?! 

How do you experience Holy Spirit?

If you don't think you have before, ask Him to come and fill you with His presence. Think of how you are needing Him and start there. Invite Him to bring his peace/joy/comfort/love to you. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and be patient. He isn't a product to be demanded, nor a performance to be rushed. Neither is He an accessory to add on.

He's a Person of the Godhead. 

And He is wanting to be known.

So we trust Him and wait for Him. Listen carefully, feel closely. Seek out where He is and what He's doing. If you invite Him, He will come. It's in His nature and His desire to be with you. He made you remember?! And loves to meet with you.

Share some of these wonderful truths with your cubs and encourage them to ask and wait too.
Share your stories with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

CLICK ----> HERE <---- for FREE PDF Printable a partial list of Biblical references of who Holy Spirit is and what He does.


Amy xoxo

photo credit: Amy Lines, Bay Ridge, January 30 2017

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