I'm Amy. I'm home educating our 2 cubs, overseeing the Kids Ministry at our Church Plant in NYC and trying to remember what day of the week it is. 
I really believe:
making disciples starts at home.

Ribbon Band

Ribbon Band

Ribbon Band

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Probably the most simple activity yet! Super simple but super fun.

We were talking about being Princes and Princesses and I suggested we make and wear special Royal  Bracelets. This was met with WOW YES! My cubs love the simple things too.

Mr Dash drew crowns on his and Little Miss Pea drew a rainbow. We used cardboard strips from cereal boxes and hot glue. I'm pretty sure you can guess how it works, but here's the break down just incase.

1) Cut out your cardboard strip - make sure you measure that it's the right size for your little cub's wrist and you mark where to stick the ends so that they can easily get it on and off (without being too loose!)

2) Let them go wild and decorate. I put out sequins, and feathers, and tissue paper, and sparkly pom poms, but being the simple-lovers they just wanted to colour them in. 

3) Cut up your ribbon - to the lengths they want. They could go SUUUUPER long, or short and snazzy. Do they want a particular order of the ribbons if you're using different colours? (One of mine wasn't bothered while one definitely was!)

4) HOT GLUE - Use a glue gun (because we didn't want to wait for sticky glue to dry) and glue a strip on the inside of the cardboard band, and place your ribbons on (Shiny side down so that the shiny side is on the outside) - always be careful when using hot glue. Bring your Prince/Princess over and glue the ends to each other, while they're wearing it - so you can double check it's going to come off.

5) Go wild and wave those things and dance like it's 1999! 

And you're done! An easy quick activity that is enjoyed for hours. Mr didn't want his loose enough to take off "I want to keep it on forever!" Sorry buddy.

Waving and shaking those ribbons one was sprinkling peace and joy, and one was shooting out crowns on to people.  I wonder if you can guess which was which.



Zephaniah 3:17 says
For the Lord your God is living among you.
    He is a mighty savior.
He will take delight in you with gladness.
    With his love, he will calm all your fears.
    He will rejoice over you with joyful songs.

I've heard that the word here for rejoice is a word for spinning and dancing. So God sings and spins and dances over us with delight! This is what I imagine when I see my two wearing their ribbon bracelets and spinning around. 

Amy xoxo


If you don't have any scrap ribbons lying around, pick yourself up from here and have a go yourself. Make them long/short/really full.
Get sticking and show us your creations.

Head over to our craft list for more tools you'll need.

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