I'm Amy. I'm home educating our 2 cubs, overseeing the Kids Ministry at our Church Plant in NYC and trying to remember what day of the week it is. 
I really believe:
making disciples starts at home.

Winging It!

Winging It!

Winging It!

How do you make a toilet roll into a lesson on patience?

Well it's Wednesday and I bet you've been Wondering what we've been working on?!
(Hinting towards the #Wednesdaywonders blog that I forgot to publish today and can't until I'm reunited with my laptop later!) 

Well we've all been working together on some wonderful winged friends with our Mixed Media Materials. It made me think about flying off somewhere a little sunnier! I love these colourful autumnal days, but I wish we could replace this constant grey sky with some of that colour.

We aren't always great at keeping up with one of our favourite Instagram friends @smocks.on but today we managed to wing it. They have fab weekly craft/art themes, and this week was "Mixed Media", so we flew right in.

What you will need:

ANYTHING! It's mixed media!

But if you want to know, we used: toilet rolls, ribbon, tissue paper, paint, pipe cleaners, craft sticks, goggly eyes, feathers, pom poms, stickers, hot glue and colouring pens! Phew! 

Wondering what we made with all that?! 

1️⃣  Love Bird with her heart beak who gives love and hearts to everyone. (Just like the Miss Pea who made her).

2️⃣  A fire breathing dragon called The Green Tornado who makes... tornados. (Not dissimilar to the Mr Dash who darts around like one!)

3️⃣  A green feathery Pom Pom bird who gives patience and gentleness. (Just what this mama needs to hold on to).

4️⃣  A baby owl called "Owl Tucker", ️ with sparkly purple hair and a sunshine belly who according to the 2.5 year old who made her gives God & sunshine to people (her Mama Tucker will be super proud!)


While they're decorating the toilet roll, cut up some extra cardboard you have lying around into wings. Let them decorate the wings and then hot glue (*be careful*) the wings to the sides. We hot-glued our googly eyes as I didn't want them sliding around with the PVA sticky glue. Create a pipe cleaner crown/feather headdress and hot glue it to the inside of the top.
Practice cutting skills with paper and the tops of the toilet roll - as baby Owl is sporting.
For the dragon Mr Dash cut out a square from the second roll himself to fit it on top as a nose. Follow the same idea for the wings and the back spikes. For the firey flames, Mr Dash simply looped the pip cleaners into little bunches and I hot glued them inside all around the rim of the roll. (*The glue gets SUPER hot so use a scrap piece of cardboard in between the pipes and your fingers to avoid all the burns I went through!)
Finally attach some craft stick legs to make it easy to hold and give them that extra kick of personality!

And off we fly! To wonderful worlds far and wide. 

Turn the activity into a character tool:
During the day, following our busy creations, I used our Patience Bird as a character-building tool. When one of the cubs was moaning, or asking for the same thing 100x over, instead of just telling the little one that 'they needed more patience!' I GAVE the patience bird for them to hold. They sat quiety, looking at it and thinking, and it gave this mama some time too. Whether they were distracted by the colours or playing with it, it gave them something physical to relate to having patience. 

How do you teach your cubs about having patience? Do you have any fun tools you use?

Amy xoxo


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