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4 Art Ideas to Thank God for Seasons

4 Art Ideas to Thank God for Seasons

September: Seasons

September often feels like a new beginning. The routines can change, the school year begins again (unless you’re an all-year-round home educator!) and the air gets cooler. The sweet smell of autumn draws near and the leaves begin to drop. So it's a great time to focus your fun!

1) Seasons Painting:

Get messy and use your hands. Individually or together as a family, create paintings of the different seasons using your fingerprints as the leaves. Mr Dash decided that he'd use his whole hands for a bunch of daffodils that were coming up after the Winter. Enjoy the mess, talk about the colours and how God's hands and voice hold all of creation together.

2) Seasons Making:

Use craft sticks, colouring pens, hot glue gun, pegs, cereal box cut into shapes, pompoms and feathers to create your own seasonal trees. With removable pegs it means this activity is great for fine motor skills and strengthening those little fingers, while fun to place in different positions. Separate the colours so they connect to the seasons and off you go.
*Always help/closely supervise the use of the hot glue.*


3) Seasons Sticking:

Make a Thanksgiving Turkey, get lots of colourful leaves or feathers and decorate your turkey. Discuss with your cubs what they are thankful for. 
Go out for a walk and collect some leaves. Look at how the trees are changing colour. Have them draw their own trees and stick their leaves on!

4) Seasons Chilling:

Frozen hearts/dinosaur eggs.A great idea for a snowy day or for looking at winter. Fill a balloon up with water, we stuck a mini dinosaur inside ours, or you can pop a heart shaped object inside, and put in the freezer. Once frozen we took them out of the freezer and cut off the balloon. We tried different methods to melt the eggs - hairdryer, cold air, by a window, and being sat on by stuffed animals.

We talked about how if our hearts are hard (like ice!) it's tricky to give out things like love and kindness because it's like our hearts are locked and frozen! I explained it's also difficult to receive love and kindness when our hearts are hard and frozen. So what softens our hearts?

God. God is like an all-consuming fire the Bible says, so his love can melt the ice away making it easier for us to be loving and be loved too.

Included in this PDF Download are 3 activities.

Toddlers : Cut out the puzzle and put the tree (and words) in order to create Spring, Summer, Autumn (or Fall option), Winter and make the sentence. They could also use the puzzle that requires colouring in as it gives different pictures to the seasons.

4+ : Have your cubs trace the bubble letters, enjoy the cutting out and putting the puzzles in order. Why not laminate after and use again and again as flashcards! To encourage writing, use the "I love summer because..." print outs, and turn it into thanking God and talking to him about what they love about his creation and this time of year. 

8+ : Encourage your older ones to look up the verses and draw a symbol, or scene, to match. They may enjoy using colourful pens for writing what they love about the seasons and thanking God for his creation. There are also verses they can read and guess which season the verses are referring to (if they don't want any clues print in B&W so that the colour codes don't give it away).

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