I'm Amy. I'm home educating our 2 cubs, overseeing the Kids Ministry at our Church Plant in NYC and trying to remember what day of the week it is. 
I really believe:
making disciples starts at home.

5 FREE Faith Based Valentine's Craft Printables

5 FREE Faith Based Valentine's Craft Printables

Valentine's can be a sore topic sometimes.

When we celebrate Valentine's Day it can be hard for people who are 'out-of-love'. The industry cashes in on people's desire to be loved, and throws away all the important, steadfast, walking-through-treacle people do every day just to keep going either without it or to sustain it.

Now I'm not a Valentine's day hater (promise!) I love any excuse for showing affection and expressing love for my husband or friends and family. It's news to this Brit that in the U.S it even comes under a holiday season! The Yanks sure now how to celebrate BIG. And that's something I'm all about. Celebrating Big.  Encouraging Big. Loving BIG.

But isn't the truth that we are ALL loved by God, and that we ALL need to love one another?

Speak Love: Make these Love Trumpets to practice speaking kind words to their friends at Valentines.

When we think about Valentine's in that way, being thankful for God's love and our friendships, it can lessen the disappointments and comparison and heartbreak. I want to push friendship down the throats of my kids not romantic love before their time, or encouraging crushes when they're still working out their ABC and how to carry a glass of water without spilling it all over the floor and down their shirt. Why are we in such a rush to give them this HUGE bucket of love and expect them to carry that without making a big ol' spill worse than gone off milk?!

So here are some pages you can use with your kids to focus on God's love and friendship with us this Valentine's.

Faith Based Valentine's Craft

Includes 5 pages:

1. Jesus loves me - A4 poster art invitation, why not encourage your cubs to paint a picture of them and Jesus, or one of their friends and Jesus. Talk about what and who is in God's heart. What is it like Jesus' heart like? You could invite them to draw a picture of what's in Jesus' heart. Remind yourself that God loves you just as you are - as talked about in this Just Be: You activity.

2. Heart Cards - Heart shaped cards, with verses on the back relating to the encouraging statement on the front. Cut the hearts out but DON'T cut where the two hearts join, leave that joined and fold it so the heart opens up. Write or draw something inside, and give to a friend or family member. Encourage your cubs to pray about who they could give it to. Or keep it as an encouragement for themselves.

3. Truth Heart Garland - Hearts with truthful phrases or verses in the middle, about God's love. Cut out the hearts carefully, punch a hole on the marked point and string together. Best to use card for this one.

4. Love Is... art poster - A4 colourful art print to give as a gift, or frame it and put it up in your cubs room. If you want to turn it into an activity why not during the Valentine's week pray with your cubs as you read it out. Then go down the list - "Which one of these shall we try today?" 

5. God So Loved the World Poster - A4 Poster of world map and lettering - Print and frame it, or print and colour in the map as you talk about how God SO loved the world. Use it as an invitation to pray over different parts of the world for people to know God's lavish love.

You can find all of these pages and the non-faith based, Valentine's Day Craft Pack by heading to our store or download this pack by clicking --> HERE <-- and pick up yours now for FREE.

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Have a LOVELY Valentine's, and don't forget to stay tuned for the February themed blog all about Friends, including activities and blogs, to keep this friendship discussion going.

Until then, rest up, Be Still and Know and I'll see you in February.

Happy Hearts!

Amy xoxo

Raising Little Disciples Faith Based Valentines
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8 FREE Valentine's Day Crafts

8 FREE Valentine's Day Crafts