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I really believe:
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8 FREE Valentine's Day Crafts

8 FREE Valentine's Day Crafts

8 easy Valentine's Day Crafts you can make with your kids. Including 6 FREE printables

Edited from 2018 post.

The Monthly theme for our February collection will be FRIENDS.

I will be providing a few activities for your cubs based around this theme - what do we love about friends, why are good friends so important and how can we use our faith to encourage our friends.  I'll also release a blog on what friendship means to us grown ups.

But until then, turn your printer on, get your scissors out and get ready for the influx of FREE Valentine's Craft.

As our cubs are so little, when thinking about Valentine's Day I've tried to use this holiday to encourage love in friendship, treating each other well. We all want to be shown love and kindness by our own friends, and this is a great opportunity to discuss how we can love our friends. A subtle reminder to all, to focus on friendship and not romance at such a young age. Let's use the opportunity to encourage friendship and discuss with our kids the value of it. Not cheapen it or 'mature' it ahead of time into anything more. Kids get enough pressure from school or society for that. Let's lead them towards great friends.
So what d'ya say, Bee Mine friend?

Valentine's Day Craft Pack.

I've kept the cards pretty generic so they are easily transferable to be used at any point in the year to encourage friendship.

This pack includes 6 pages (Click Here for the Faith-Based pack)

1. Bee Mine cards - you can either use these as mini postcards and stick them back to back and draw/write on the blank back a mini message to your friend. Or, use as the front and back cover for your card. Either write your own message inside, or use the second page inserts and stick them in.

2. You are a great friend - This page can be used as the insert to Bee Mine cover, just cut and stick inside, or you could print it on to card, fold it so it is inside, and decorate the front. You being the cubs of course.

3. I love you to pieces - A4 poster size, perfect for family gifts as well as friends. Get out your scrap paper, cut it into tiny pieces and get sticky!  My cubs covered theirs with glitter glue and the second time covered it in paint after, so feel free to get creative with how you art-attack your heart. 

4. I love you to pieces...of candy - A mini postcard card with a smaller version of the poster on one side and a place to stick a piece of candy on the other. A simple, easy way to give a little card and treat this holiday. We stuck a Werther's Original on ours for that subliminal message of You're worth it friend.

5. Let LOVE never LEAF you - A4 poster size, art invitation to turn your handprint into a tree and your fingerprints for the heart leaves. Discuss how we can grow love in our lives and how it can bring life into people's lives. I still chuckle at my own joke on this, I hope you enjoy it too.

6. Valentine Garland - Cut out the little hearts, string together and pin it up in your cubs room. Or print on card and turn into a craft necklace. Takes a whole new meaning when you are literally WEARING the love in your heart!

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Download FREE Valentine's printable Here.

What about trying these:

You pull my heart strings:

You pull my heart strings

Make a Tic Tac Toe with hearts and hugs:

We used sandpaper and pastels for an extra feely experience!

Valentine's Day and Bible verse Crafts

Click HERE for a Valentine's Faith Pack. Complete with a heart garland all about God's love, a Jesus loves you A4 heart poster for you to decorate how you wish, easy foldable heart cards with a verse, and a colourful poster of LOVE is... for their bedroom.

For more free printables and activities about friendship, stay tuned for February's Monthly theme Friends coming soon. 

Until then, rest up, Be Still and Know you are SUPER loved.

Happy Hearts!

Amy xoxo

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5 FREE Faith Based Valentine's Craft Printables

5 FREE Faith Based Valentine's Craft Printables

Maybe God Is Like That Too by Jennifer Grant - picture book on Fruit of the Spirit

Maybe God Is Like That Too by Jennifer Grant - picture book on Fruit of the Spirit