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3 Simple Activities To Help Your Kids Hear From God For Their Friends

3 Simple Activities To Help Your Kids Hear From God For Their Friends

In the Month of February my theme on the blog is Friends. I like to have categories to help group different ideas and activities together. Valentine's ties in easily with the theme of Friendship - read more HERE about my thoughts on Valentine's, and some FREE printables, teaching little ones less about romance and more about encouragement.

3 activities to help your kids hear from God for their friends:

1. Make a Valentine's card for a friend:

God's love heart cards.png

Inside the card write some encouragement or a prayer.

How to:

  • Cut out the heart cards - I usually do this part as it'll be a lot neater ;-)

  • Fold on the join of the two hearts to make a front and back.

  • I usually do one at the same time so my kids can follow my example.

  • Let your cub decide who they want to give it to.

  • Say, let's close our eyes and pray - "God what do you want to say to my friend...Bobby?"

  • If they aren't sure try a second time, "God what do you love about Bobby?"

  • Write inside the card, and share with them what you sensed God say about your friend too.

  • Find an envelope and give it away (either anonymously or face to face)

If they are able to write down what they see or felt, encourage them to do that inside the card. But write it for them if not.

You could also do this with regular paper cards, have them draw a picture on the front of the card of their friend, repeat the same exercise. It'll give you more room to draw and write.

Print more Valentine's crafts -->
HERE <--

2. Make a friend out of paper:

Person Template

How to:

  • Cut out the paper people templates - or leave as is, just draw on top of the paper.

  • Have your cub decide on a friend they want to draw.

  • Pray - the same as above. Or why not try "God please show me how Bobby is feeling today."

  • Talk about what they sense and follow up with "God what do you want to say to Bobby today?"

  • On your the back of their person template, have them write (or you write it for them) what God said to them about their friend. If they need some help, why not suggest a short bible verse that you know might relate, and include that.

  • Give to their friend or keep it up in their room as a reminder to pray for their friend.

Read more about Praying for friends -->
HERE <-- 

3. Make a friend journal:

Prayer Journal

Fold a piece of A4 paper in half to make a book shape, do the same with a few pieces, put them inside each other and staple them together.

  • Set up your cub with some colouring pens, pencils or crayons.

  • Invite them to draw a different friend of theirs on each page.

  • At the top, write "I like Bobby because..."
    "Thank you God for Bobby."

  • Invite your cub to pray for each friend asking God what He says about them, or what they are needing today.

  • On Bobby's page they could write their prayer or write what God says about him.

  • They could do this all at once or one a day.

This fun idea is teaching them to journal, write down their prayers, and share how they feel about their friends with God.

Once they've filled in their friend journal keep it somewhere safe. Make some more next week/month and see how God is helping and blessing those friendships.

I pray these little exercises are easy to follow, quick to set up and brings much joy and discovery to your family.

Happy Friends Day!

3 printables to help kids pray for their friends.png


Amy xoxo

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