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Top 5 Bibles for Under 5's

Top 5 Bibles for Under 5's

What are your TOP Bibles or books for your kids?


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What would you class as a 'good' Bible for kids?

For me, it would involve 3 things:

1) It keeps their attention - written well, not too heavy or wordy.

2) It's illustrated well - fun and memorable and diverse. I'm not a big fan of Bible's depicting all the people as white and western.

3) It's true to the original story, while encouraging imagination - it might rhyme, or have a baby bear as a narrator, or pad out the story a little more but we all need help understanding the context and picturing it, and so do children. 

Here are our Top 5 Children's Bibles for Under 5's.


Tiny Bear's Bible, by Sally Lloyd Jones.
Great for 0-3's:

We've been reading this since the cubs were just babies. I'm constantly amazed by Sally Lloyd Jones' books. The soft fluffy cover was a great sensory bonus, and the short rhymes were simple and enjoyable. These 11 sweet stories start at creation and go to Jesus resurrection, including a line or two linking the story to us. 



Bible for Little Hearts, by Elena Kucharik.
Great for 0-5's:

I love a great charity shop/thrift shop find! And this book is no exception.
You can currently find it in the used section on Amazon for a penny I think! There are many others in this collection too. Lovely simple verses to teach our little ones about God's words, with pictures relating it to our lives. It may not be diverse but it's super cute. It also has some little prayers in the back for little ones. Big thumbs up for this charity find. 


The Stories Jesus Told, by Nick Butterworth.
Great for 2-5's:

This is one of our favourites. My son is 6 and still loves this book, now he can read a bit more he is enjoying it in a fresh way. The illustrations are fun, and each story includes the Bible reference as well as a fun retelling. We can often skip over the parables Jesus told, but this lovely book paints them in a way for us to relate them easily to our lives.


Children of God, Storybook Bible, by Desmund Tutu.
Great for 3-5's.

This is my favourite of all the Bibles we have. I love the pictures, each story is illustrated by a different artist, so there is a huge variety of colours, textures, styles and interpretations to the stories. It feels like a reflection of God's heart when you're pouring through the pages. We were given this beautiful Bible when my son was born. I've mentioned it's good for 3 years up as I learnt the hard way that when you have a kicking teething baby on your lap listening to you, the beautiful pages are too inviting not to rip! The stories are short, spreading only across 2 pages which makes it the best for under 5's.



The International Children's Story Bible.
Great for 2-5's.

I found this fun (although slightly poorly written!) Bible in a charity shop a few years ago. I usually have to re-word some of it so perhaps it shouldn't be in my TOP list BUT it includes illustrations by children from around the world which is what we love about it!! It's called the International Children's Story Bible and currently on Amazon for $1. I'd recommend it if just for the fun pictures and encouraging your kiddos to draw their own too.

You can never have too many children's Bibles I think.

There are many Bibles out there we still have yet to buy!

What's next on your list?

This one is next on my list: Children of Color Storybook Bible

It's really important to me that we are intentional and conscious of how we represent diversity in our household, from the toys we buy, the books we read and the Bible's we study. 

Some others recommend:

The Veggie Tales version is fun and it comes recommended, though we have not yet bought it, my cubs love the shows so I'm sure they'd love this too.

A popular one is the Beginner's Bible, which I know many of my friends have. I personally find it frustrating if I'm honest. Although I love the stories and simple illustrations, for me the people are too white, I want my children to know that God's Story started in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Perhaps that's me over-analysing it but that's just my opinion.

Which Children's Bible do you currently love?

I hope you enjoy the Bibles we recommend. See the previous post for some ideas of how to bring the Bible to life with activities for kids of all ages. 

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