I'm Amy. I'm home educating our 2 cubs, overseeing the Kids Ministry at our Church Plant in NYC and trying to remember what day of the week it is. 
I really believe:
making disciples starts at home.

My Favourite Kids Bible: The Gospel of Luke "Diary of a Disciple"

My Favourite Kids Bible: The Gospel of Luke "Diary of a Disciple"

One of the BEST Bibles for Children I've found.

We have LOVED reading this book written by Gemma Willis and Illustrated by Emma Randall. 

It really is A MUST HAVE!  Our cubs think it is AMAZING. Click HERE to get yours.

If you’re looking for a fun version of the Bible for kids then look no further.

This is the Gospel of Luke told by “Dr Luke” the bearded guy on the front who introduces characters, explains funny phrases and even uses words like AWKWARD and EPIC as he describes different scenarios or cultural traditions. The pages are bursting with drawings, doodles and even the words come to life.


Our little Dude of 6 years has LOVED seeing the text wibble and wobble, it’s even helped increase his interest in reading. More importantly this book has sparked fresh conversations, a deeper understanding of who Jesus is and a HUGE enjoyment in the Bible. I can’t recommend this book enough!!


It’ll be fun for you and for your cubs! No more falling asleep while you read bedtime stories, this is not only the BEST story of all but it's brought to life in such a way that makes it even more relatable for children. 

Our son has belly laughed, re-enacted and re-told the stories he has heard (and tried to read) over and over. I've always tried to be dramatic and deliberate with my storytelling voice to really paint a picture, and some books you have to work a LOT harder right? Well this one, you could probably still read in a monotone and still get laughs.


Just look at those words! They WANT to be read. I want to read them, and so do my kids!
It tackles hard subjects, edgy stories and presents them in an appropriate and relatable manner, that makes them not only memorable but treasured.

Children need the Bible too.

Remember I said this book has sparked conversations and deeper understanding?
Well it's not just been in my kids, it's opened my eyes to see the well known stories and memorised verses in such a way that I've not wanted to finish the chapter at night. I'd recommend this even to my adult friends. It's reminded me, seeing my son's hunger for more than it's not just me that needs the Bible, they do too. And when we speak their language and explain it well, they'll be hungry for more.

I want to be baptised

This version of the Bible isn't just fun to read, it has real impact. My son and I sat reading it one evening, and he paused to ask questions as usual. This time we talked about following Jesus, about heaven, about being with God for eternity. I reminded him of some of the times when he said he wanted Jesus to 'bring him back to life' and be friends with him forever. He said out of the blue, I want to be baptised. I'm ready. Can I do it twice? Once just our family and then with everyone else? Can I do it in a swimming pool? Can I sit down instead of lie back so the water doesn't go up my nose? Then, a little while after he said, "I want to do it, but I'll wait til I'm a little more ready mum.

My heart melted that evening. He'd connected all on his own that being sure of following Jesus and being His friend, listening to Him involved baptism and celebration.

The Bible has real impact. Let's not forget that God's words, no matter which translation we may use, He transforms us, he strengthens us and breathes life into us through His Word. And it's not just us who need it, but our children do too.

This Gospel of Luke will light up your home with laughter, and bring light to your heart with peace.

Click HERE  (affiliate link) and get yours now.
Find a friend, a child, or a big kid like me and get them one too. 
Let's see this beautiful book impact the lives of many.

Diary of a Disciple
By Gemma Willis


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