I'm Amy. I'm home educating our 2 cubs, overseeing the Kids Ministry at our Church Plant in NYC and trying to remember what day of the week it is. 
I really believe:
making disciples starts at home.

Easter Colouring Countdown Postcards

Easter Colouring Countdown Postcards

Countdown Easter Week with colouring story cards.

Perhaps you remember my Christmas Advent Colouring Calendar last year?
Well it's back, this time for Easter!
Same fun, different pictures and questions, same Jesus.
This time it's only a week long, going from Palm Sunday to Easter Monday.

9 Days of Easter to read and colour together.

The story covers 9 days and 9 parts of the story, going through the book of Matthew (with a few other references):

  1. Jesus being worshipped (Palm Sunday)

  2. Jesus being anointed

  3. Jesus at the Last Supper

  4. Jesus in Gethsemane

  5. Jesus arrested

  6. Jesus dying (Good Friday)

  7. Jesus buried

  8. Jesus and the empty tomb

  9. Jesus ascending (Easter Monday)

Each day cut out, colour and stick back to back an Easter postcard.
The front title page includes a picture to colour and the back includes the story.


The calendar also includes:
Can you crack the code and reveal the Message of Easter, while being a detective for bunny ears and easter eggs hidden in the pictures. Making it fun for young and old.

The stories are brief but bring out principles, in kid-friendly language, for our lives.
Each story contains a question at the end and a suggestion for prayer.
As you read the story they can colour the pictures, or colour and then read together.

At the end of the calendar is an opportunity for your kids to pray for others, and to reflect on their own story. We read the stories the disciples wrote, now it can be their turn, as little disciples, to write their own stories.

I hope you enjoy the calendar as much as I have enjoyed making it.

I pray it blesses your family, your conversations as you colour and read, and that many significant moments come from it as the wonderful truth sinks in deeper. 
While we were far away, God loved us, pursued us, and sent Jesus to die for us, to bring us to him, our Father.

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Be blessed! And be sure to tag us (on facebook or instagram @raisinglittledisciples) in a photo of you and your cubs using it.

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Amy xoxo

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