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Holy Week Day 2 Devotion: Rhianon’s Story

Holy Week Day 2 Devotion: Rhianon’s Story


Holy Week Easter Devotion Day 2

Based on the story of the woman anointing Jesus with perfume. Matthew 26:1-13. 

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A woman showed extravagant love and worship to Jesus as she anointed his feet with her tears and perfume. Jesus showed extravagant love and mercy to her in return.

Question: How do you show your love to God?

Rhianon: “I think the answer to that has been different for each season of life.

As a college student when I first came to the realization of His reckless love, it was diving into my Bible to learn more about Him, and journaling my thankfulness.

As a newlywed, that changed and honestly, my love was then directed mainly at my husband. My relationship with God was placed on the back burner and it became more of a Sunday relationship.

But as a new mother (and then a mom of 2, 3 and now 4 kids) I saw my many inadequacies and therefore my deep need for God, but when could I spend time with him? Between pulling all-nighters nursing and tending to so many needs during the day, I was exhausted. My solution: I constantly had worship music on at home to help create an atmosphere of praise and adoration.

Now? Kids sleep through the night (mostly) and it's up to me whether I get a good night of sleep (or binge watch Netflix until 11:30). So now love looks a lot like obedience; listening for His voice and doing what He sweetly asks of me. Whether that's going to bed early so that I can get up early and spend time with Him, or giving up alcohol so I can be a better wife, mom and leader. It's trusting His voice (even when I might not like what He says) because He knows better.

The beauty of showing our love to Him is that He understands our seasons and situations. Spending time with him might not look the same now as it once did, but that doesn't mean that He loves our expression of love any less.”


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What about you? How do you show your love to God? 

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