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Make Easter Treasure Baskets / Treasure Chests

Make Easter Treasure Baskets / Treasure Chests

How to make an Easter Basket.

Easter Treasure Chest

You will need:

  • Craft sticks

  • Glue gun

  • ALL the crafty crazy nest supplies you want to fill it with

  • Don't forget the easter eggs (although I did manage to convince mine that they were first just nests!)

How to:

  • Line up the craft sticks to how big you want the chest.

  • Glue the bases and the lids together - I did this on theirs as it was a little too tricky for our two.

  • Glue two sticks opposite each other and build up (rather than going round one by one, as then it'll be wonky)*

  • Glue a button on the lid

  • Fill with Easter Mess (Read: Magic)

*Tip for littles with glue guns: Practice first, doing dot, dot, dot, dot... Ours burnt themselves if they lost the rhythm and got caught up in all that lethal string.

Watch our video here for how we did it, and how we turned it into a Bible study:

Turning it into a Bible Study:

Matthew 26:1-13. A woman showed extravagant love and worship to Jesus as she anointed his feet with her tears and perfume. She brought her treasure and broke it over Jesus. Jesus showed extravagant love and mercy to her in return. He calls us his treasure.

Read more of an adult devotional reflection HERE

Ask your kiddos, "What sorts of things do you treasure?"

We had answers including "Lego, Minnie Mouse and Polar Bears...Oh and Jesus!"

Ask your kiddos, "What does Jesus treasure in his heart?"

We had answers like, "Love, people because he made people, and lions. Jesus likes lions."

Ask, "What can we give to Jesus, like the woman and the wise men?"

We had, "Lambs, God likes lambs." and "Our lives!"


Amy xoxo


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