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Holy Week Day 5 Devotion: Desirae's Story

Holy Week Day 5 Devotion: Desirae's Story

Easter Devotions Day 5: What is Jesus like as a friend to you?

Based on Jesus being betrayed, denied and arrested; Matthew 26:47-68


After Jesus had prayed, he knew the rulers and chief priests were arriving to arrest him. He had known that his friend Judas would betray him and tell the rulers where to find him. When Judas arrived, Jesus still called him friend. He knew that Peter would get scared and run away. "Before the rooster crows 3 times, you will deny me." ... But God had a plan... Even on the cross, Jesus never stopped pursuing relationship with us, he cried. "Father, forgive them!"

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Question: “What is Jesus like as a friend to you?”

Desirae: "There have been so many times I felt Jesus as my friend. One of those times was during a rough patch in my marriage. I would have casual conversations with Jesus, venting, speaking frankly and blunt without restraint. I just said everything I was thinking and feeling – in a way that I probably would never have the guts to tell a friend in person. I knew He could handle it and I never felt judged.

After those heart to heart conversations, I always felt comforted, heard, and validated in my thoughts and feelings. However, like a wise friend who gives great advice, over time He showed me new ways of thinking, and what I could do to help make things better. He spoke to me through devotional time, ideas “popping” in my head, videos, social media posts, and unexpected words of encouragement from people who had no clue what was going on.

I followed everything Jesus showed me to do and was able to see drastic changes in myself and our marriage because of it. Like a mutual friend, He also spoke to my husband, showing Him things that I couldn’t, and in the process he changed as well.

I found Jesus as the perfect friend because He didn’t choose sides, He was my cheerleader, He came to my defense and spoke up for me. It’s an honor and blessing to have access to the Creator in such a simple, yet profound way… as my perfect best friend."

Desirae is based in USA, follow her @sincerelymrsmommy on IG and sincerelymrsmommy.com

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