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Holy Week Day 6 Devotion: Rowena's Story

Holy Week Day 6 Devotion: Rowena's Story

Easter Devotions Day 6: How has God used your shaken ground for good?

Based on Good Friday, Jesus dying on the cross; Matthew 27:11-56


Good Friday. They call it good Friday, when it didn’t look good at all. Jesus was laughed at, beaten and crucified. But He went through it all for the thought of us with Him in heaven. The man who showed mercy and love, who brought people back to life, and made them well, was crying out on a cross. The ground shook when Jesus died, rocks split and the curtain was torn in two, but death was trembling in its boots.

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Question: “When has God used your shaken ground for good?”

Rowena: “Early 2017 I had a shock meeting with my employer who told me my role was being made redundant. Many people face the pain of redundancy & this stung big time... I was broken and felt betrayed by people I loved and trusted. What I’d come to know about God, His relentless, ever-pursuing love, and faithfulness was out of kilter with my experienced reality. 
My ground was shaken...so was I.

Crushed, I crumbled and messed up, seeking comfort and distraction away from my broken world. A few months later I realised I could no longer hide in shame and confessed my poor choices to my husband and trusted friends. I realised that walking in the light was the only way forward, fully confident that God’s love is enough no matter what.

In my brokenness He draws me in, unnerved by my mess. He covers my shame, kindly responds to repentance and quickly forgives. 

He walked into my grave, sat with me in the depths and then rolled away the stone.
God has been so good! He comforted me when I needed it. He secured my feet when I wandered away.

My husband has shown love & forgiveness with amazing strength & our marriage is better because of it. God is breathing new life, where I was once buried.

He is moving us on & we can feel the warmth of the spring sunshine sparking new hope. I KNOW His goodness & mercy will follow me all the days of my life (Psalm 23:6), even in the mess along the way. He weaves gold through all the poor choices, bringing healing when we lean into to His love.

You can trust that He works ALL things for our good, no matter what your grave season may look like - of this I am sure!”
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