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Holy Week Day 9 Devotion: Amy's Story

Holy Week Day 9 Devotion: Amy's Story

Easter Devotions Day 9: How has Jesus given you new life?

Based on Jesus; commission; Matthew 28


We finish this series looking at how we now live as friends with God, changed by the resurrection, free from sin and empowered to live new lives. So how do we do that?

How was Jesus given you new life?

Amy: "There are times when Christ's call to "die to myself" or "take up my cross" feels ceremonial and trite. But there are other days - these days, to be honest - when dying to self feels like, well, death.  It is painful, it frequently brings tears, and I carry it in my gut as a loss. Where I thought I could stoically play the victim, the call to take up our crosses is a call to willingly allow parts of self – of our very selves – to slip away into death. We take these parts and we bury them in the ground, often without a lot of ceremony. We allow them to lay beneath the earth as we walk away, leaving them solely in the hand of our God who will do with our sacrifice as He alone sees fit. 

In this season of life, the Lord has called me lay down my career ambitions in sacrifice, and it has been painful. Every day I feel the loss of not being in my field of study, not doing the things I know I’m best at, and I’m left each night going to bed just a little dissatisfied. But over the weeks and months the Lord has slowly but surely been raising up new spiritual life in my heart, and He deepens my reliance on Him, grown my intimacy with His Spirit, and enables me to obey in ways I never would have thought possible. And that, friends, is truly infinitely so much better than just getting what I originally wanted. 

The beauty of the Christian life is this: as we take up our crosses - allowing the Spirit to put to death our selfishness, pride, idols, and false loves - we follow Christ. The Christ who went to the grave, but who didn’t stay there. Though the tomb seemed to swallow Him, He defeated death and rose to life again. And it is in His resurrection that we have hope: what God puts in the ground in death will come bursting forth in new, resurrection life!  

With hope in my heart I am choosing to believe today that in my own life, where I feel the sting of death, that life in Christ will burst forth, and that the words the saints long to hear will be spoken over everything that feels like death: “Why do you look for the living among the dead?”"

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I hope you had a wonderful Easter, and feel encouraged by the new life awaiting!
We are in this together. Through the mountain highs and valleys low, Jesus calls us to follow him, trust him, and listen to him. I hope his words and examples, and these women's stories have brought you encouragement to your spirit and your heart. 

Don't forget to use the reflection cards with your kiddos too.

Amy xoxo


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