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Holy Week Day 7 Devotion: Andrea's Story

Holy Week Day 7 Devotion: Andrea's Story

Easter Devotions Day 7: How do you wait when God is silent?

Based on Jesus being buried; Matthew 27:57-66


Jesus had died. The One who spoke the earth into existence was silent....Mary and Jesus' mother were watching. Jesus had told his followers his body was a temple that would be destroyed but would rise again. Perhaps Jesus' words and promise rolled around in their heads as they watch Joseph (a disciple who was burying him), roll the stone in front of the tomb. The voice of life and love was silence, but not for long. Nothing can silence God.

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Question: “When God is silent, what words do you hold on to?”

Andrea: “Waiting is so hard. I often think about the time between Jesus’ burial and His resurrection. I consider how it must have felt: as if all of Creation was holding its breath – waiting, wondering, hoping…

Among the many seasons of waiting that I’ve been in, one of the most transformative was when my husband and I were waiting for our daughter. The doctors had basically told me I couldn’t have children. I was desperate to hear from the Lord during that painful time. I held on to the words I felt He had laid on my heart – “Prepare for rain” – but, had I misunderstood? Was He even hearing my pleas? Was He answering…but His answer was no?

After over a year and much prayer – just 15 minutes before our initial consultation with a fertility specialist – we discovered our miracle baby was on her way.

Yes, waiting is hard. But often, the waiting is necessary to prepare our hearts and minds for what’s coming next: something far better than we could have ever imagined or asked for, ushered in by God’s perfect timing.

I pray Psalms 5:1-3 and 130:5 in seasons of waiting now. I wait with great expectation, waiting with my whole being, confident He hears and cares – even when I wonder if He’s there anymore.

Truth is, He sustains us through seasons of waiting where all we’re doing is holding our breath – waiting, wondering, hoping.

The waiting is hard, but it’s more than worth it compared to what’s coming!"

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What about you? How do you wait while God is silent? Which of Jesus' words roll around in your mind?

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Happy Easter!

He's in the waiting.Take Courage - by Kristene Dimarco

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