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3 Easter Ideas

3 Easter Ideas

Need some Easter ideas?

I have featured a bunch of EGG-CELENT crafty types.
15 arty folks who have done a CRACKING good job at Easter Art.
No need to be an EGG-SPERT, come bunny HOP along and see.

Click here: 15 Eggcelent Easter Crafts

Click here: Tell the Easter Story through art.

I used to love blowing eggs and painting eggs when I was a child.

We used a kebab skewer to pierce a hole through the egg from top to bottom and blow all the egg out into a bowl underneath.
Paint or dye with food dye, then make scrambled eggs while they dry.

Why not try these natural food dye options for decorating eggs:

  • For dark blue: Use blueberries.
  • For light blue: Use red cabbage.
  • For beige: Use coffee.
  • For orange: Use onions.
  • For yellow: Use saffron or carrot turmeric.
  • For green: Use parsley or spinach.
  • For purple: Use red wine.
  • For pink: Use beets.

For more details of how to click here: Country Living

Enjoy getting messy celebrating Jesus is Risen!

Happy Easter,

Amy xoxo

The Easter Story told with Scratch Paint Art

The Easter Story told with Scratch Paint Art

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