I'm Amy. I'm home educating our 2 cubs, overseeing the Kids Ministry at our Church Plant in NYC and trying to remember what day of the week it is. 
I really believe:
making disciples starts at home.

The Easter Story told with Scratch Paint Art

The Easter Story told with Scratch Paint Art

Telling the story of Easter with scratch paint art, in 5 easy steps.



What you will need:

  • Card for best results use a thick piece.

  • Washi Tape / Painters Tape

  • Scissors (to cut the tape)

  • Crayons

  • Tempera Paint (Or make your own as I did...see below)

  • A scratching device (see suggestions below)

1. Tape It

Story: Jesus was put on the cross. Who can tell me why?

We used washi tape as found, our painters tape stuck too hard, ironically, and ripped the paper on our test run. Always do test runs! It helps you and it inspires the cubs, when they see what you're wanting them to do.

2. Colour It

Story: For God so loved the world, can you draw the world around him?

Use crayons, to avoid the paint being absorbed completely.

3. Paint It

Story: The sky went black when Jesus died. The earth trembled and shook. Jesus was buried, everyone was so sad, confused and disappointed. He went into the darkness for 3 days. Why do you think Good Friday is called 'good'?

Use Tempera Paint. It'll dry quick.
I tried two approaches as I didn't have any of tempera paint:
First: I mixed a little dish soap with poster paint. Second: I mixed acrylic with dish soap.
The second with acrylic had the best scratch results, it was easier to remove.

4. Peel it

Story part 1: When Jesus died, the curtain which separated the special holy place in the Temple, where people went to worship God was torn from top to bottom. God had made a way for Heaven to come to Earth and for us to no longer be separated from Him.

Can you rip your tape off from top to bottom?

Story part 2: What happened when Mary and her friends went to the tomb where Jesus was? They found it empty! An angel had rolled the stone away.

Wait until it's dry! Then peel, carefully!

5. Scratch It

Story: Jesus is the Light, God is the Father of Light and no darkness can stop him. After 3 days he rose again, burst back into life. He was bringing Hope and Life and Light back into the world. When we accept Jesus as the Way to God, He gives us life forever with Him.
What does Jesus bring into your life?

Use scissors (tape the blades together to avoid opening)
Use a craft/lollipop stick
Use a coin
Hold your ears if you're anything like me and hate the scratch sound!


Thank you Father God for sending your Son, Jesus to live the perfect life, with no mistakes or sin. Thank you Jesus that you died and took all our mistakes and sin and pain into you. Thank you Spirit of God that you brought Him back to life. Thank you God for doing all of this for me, because you love me so much. I want to live my life with you in the Light.

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Happy Easter!

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