I'm Amy. I'm home educating our 2 cubs, overseeing the Kids Ministry at our Church Plant in NYC and trying to remember what day of the week it is. 
I really believe:
making disciples starts at home.

FREE eBook To Help Your Kids Talk About Emotions

FREE eBook To Help Your Kids Talk About Emotions

The heart is sacred but sometimes it becomes weighed down, bruised, broken or misaligned from Truth. It’s meant to be renewed, restored and fulfilled by Jesus, so that it overflows with peace, joy, hope and LOVE 💖 but how often do we search our hearts to find out what makes it tick on the daily?

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Sometimes we can place too much emphasis on our feelings instead of God’s. Allowing them to cloud our vision or direct our decisions. Our hearts can skip 1000 steps and tell hundreds of stories or possible scenarios in seconds, usually without us even knowing it. This happened which made me feel this, which made me then feel that, which made me say this, and do that, conclusion: I feel Y therefore I believe X.

Often we can do something, without understanding our reason for doing it.

Kids do the same, yet usually they express it in anger, aggression, sulking, or even, "Will you play with me?" These are just a couple of clues we need to stop and pay attention to. Where is their heart at right now? And what do their hearts need from me? As parents we are the ones that teach them how to steward their hearts.

I want to create an opportunity for us to introduce the topic of heart talk, and having healthy hearts to our kids, but where do we start? 

Sometimes we don’t give our hearts enough space to be open and honest. We brush feelings away. Finding the balance is key. It starts with honesty and ends with intimacy with Jesus.

So I've created a few simple low key tasks to get the ball rolling and start those conversations in your home through drawing, playdoh, Bible study, pair-matching games and a few more activities. To start little ones as young as 2 help understand their feelings a little better.

By introducing heart talk, you're setting your kids up for a healthy prayer life.

Prayer is chatting to God, thanking Him, declaring His goodness, petitioning and mediating for the lives of others, asking Him for help... But it's also sharing our hearts, and listening to Him as He shares His. 

If we can teach our kids to know that God loves their hearts and listens to them when they share what's on it, we will be paving a way for them to trust God in the long term.

Furthermore, if we can teach our kids to listen to God in response, learn how to recognise His voice, and understand how he feels about us, we will be giving them the keys of Heaven. Their little lives will change, and so will those around them.

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What kind of generation would rise up if our little ones looked to Jesus for their heart likes, instead of snap chat and Instagram in the years to come?

So without further-ado...

My first eBook! Woo!

 Praying it blesses you and your family, as you begin heart talk discussions together.

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Sharing Emotions eBook by Raising Little Disciples

Feel the feelings!

Amy xoxo

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