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Processing the 9 Emotions Kids Feel

Processing the 9 Emotions Kids Feel

How to teach kids to pray about their emotions.

Before we begin, we are all on a journey with this: helping kids deal with BIG emotions. I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with the tears, tantrums and taunting my two face every day.

I was talking with the kids about starting summer sports camp for the first time and all these feelings started rising up. I wanted to get out my emotions pack straight away but realised I hadn't written teaching on feeling scared, or made a worksheet for it. So that's where this has birthed from. 

Being able to help our kids discern and unpack and express their feelings is so important. We don't want them growing up thinking they cannot feel certain things, nor do we want them to be left unequipped to know what to do when they do feel them.

We want to lead our children to Jesus, to prayer, as they learn to chat to Him when they feel all these different emotions, big and small. We are cultivating a culture of the heart, a culture of connection to their creator. Trusting him to listen to them, love them in it, and give them the strategies to get through it as they listen to God.


What's the difference between this pack and the emotions ebook?

The emotions ebook has 28 activities, different angels to focus on, verses to print, pictures to colour, hearts to fill, games to cut out and play. It is split into 3 age brackets, 2-4, 4-6 and 6-8, as well as having extra activities after those, for you to navigate and adapt as it suits. 

This pack - is only the sheets on "sometimes I feel..." and telling God how they felt today.
It goes through the 9 big feelings: happy, sad, angry, jealous, excited, tired, surprised, embarrassed and scared (aka worried, sometimes these two feelings overlap for kids and they have trouble discerning that anxiety is still fear, fear doesn't have to be only for big scary monsters).
It's updated from the free versions in emotions ebook, and covers specific emotions.


What does the Bible say about emotions?

This pack focus all on that. The activity page has a verse in between boxes to read, and a prayer to invite God's Holy Spirit in to help us with our emotions.

This pack also includes 9 pages of teaching on emotions, with questions, and snippets of stories from the Bible that relate to the emotion. It includes Bible verses and aims to look more intentionally at how to align our thinking and feelings with what God thinks and feels.

Go now to the store to purchase your own pack.

9 pages of teaching
9 activity pages
18 pages for £10 is a complete bargain!!

Worth every penny when it leads to connecting your child's heart to God, involving Him in their process of emotions.

Perfect for leading kids ministry, how the Bible teaches about our emotions. Use at home, or in Church.

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Character Over Grades

Character Over Grades

FREE eBook To Help Your Kids Talk About Emotions

FREE eBook To Help Your Kids Talk About Emotions