I'm Amy. I'm home educating our 2 cubs, overseeing the Kids Ministry at our Church Plant in NYC and trying to remember what day of the week it is. 
I really believe:
making disciples starts at home.

The Story of Zacchaeus with Craft, Parachute Games and Printables

The Story of Zacchaeus with Craft, Parachute Games and Printables

Here is an example one of our Kids Church class.

This lesson was all about the story of Zacchaeus and includes:

Craft, Story, Snack, Questions, Parachute Game, Discussion, Imaginative Prayer, Additional Activities, and Final Prayer.

Craft - Combining cutting and sticking and drawing.

Zacchaeus Craft

All instructions and craft printables are available in our activity to download here.

We often do the craft as our introduction activity, and see if the kids can guess or remember which story the craft is about. Then we sit and read the story, sometimes during snack time or after snack time.

Story: We use this Bible. But included in our activity pack are printable Bible passages.


We love to ask questions rather than spend a lot of time teaching with them sat listening (how much really goes in when it's the weekend and you're between 5-7 years old?!) So we limit the teaching to a few sentences and then ask a lot of questions.

Included in the pack are a big bunch of questions to go with the story.

For example, If Jesus came to your house for dinner, what would you cook him?

I love helping kids apply the stories to their own lives, and use their imaginations to put themselves in the story. I believe this builds a healthy and helpful expectation that they too can meet with Jesus for themselves, hear his voice, and do life with him just like the disciples did.

Parachute Game:

It's always good to get energy out and have some fun while learning.
Our parachute is a favorite for our Church. Here's how we used it in this activity.

Included in our activity pack are the examples of how we link the story of Zacchaeus to the parachute game.

"This is our parachute game where Jesus knows everything about us. Remember how Jesus saw Zacchaeus and knew him before he'd met him?! He knows us too!" 

Play with the parachute in different ways:

We've used the parachute to be rushing waves/boats/stormy weather, this time we chose trees.

In the 15 page pack you'll receive all the different ways we suggest for this story.

Prayer Time with the parachute.

In this activity pack a whole page is dedicated to Imaginative Prayer using the parachute.

Followed by a Discussion

Last Activities, to personalise the story:

In this section you'll have some ideas for writing and drawing.

As well as,

Decorating a bookmark (Download Here)
Whenever you’re reading a story you can remember Jesus sees you, knows your name and invites you to be his friend. Draw a picture of you and Jesus on one side, color in the leaves and words, and write your name underneath. Included in the pack as well.

Final Prayer

Lastly, encouraging the kids to pray for others to know Jesus as their friend, and hear God call their name.

"Jesus thank you for..."




Amy xoxo


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