I'm Amy. I'm home educating our 2 cubs, overseeing the Kids Ministry at our Church Plant in NYC and trying to remember what day of the week it is. 
I really believe:
making disciples starts at home.

God Provides For All Our Needs

God Provides For All Our Needs

God Will Provide

This is a big subject for us as a family. Trusting that God doesn't just call you without equipping you. He won't send you somewhere without providing you with what you need there. You don't need to rely on your luck, rely on Jehova Jireh: The Lord who provides.

What are you needing right now?
Is it friendships?
Is it finances?
Is it a home?
Is it health?

We have had many moments over the years where just at the right time, someone has given us a bag of groceries on our doorstep, envelopes of money through the letterbox, a kind card of encouragement. Every time the next need comes, we have clung on to these moments and what He's done before. Trusting He will do it again.

In NYC we have seen God provide us with a salary, a beautiful home that we didn't expect, friends who've become like family, free holidays to house sit for friends, and so much more! We were given discounts on the kids summer sports camp, gymnastic subscriptions for the kids by my parents, dinners out paid for by friends, and then the city provided free entry to pop up swimming pools that we were able to enjoy this summer! 

God is not just good, He is good to you.

But the truth is, we had to train our eyes to see it, to see His blessing, to see His goodness. It's so much easier to see and focus on the lack, or the less, or the fear of what's next. Right now, our finances are tight, our health is wobbling, and the future is uncertain. But we have a choice with what we look for, and what to hold on to!
We can look at what's not happening, or look at what God is doing. We are clinging to the truth:

He is good.
He is good to us.
He is trustworthy.
He is Healer.
He is Provider.

Jehova-Jireh: The Lord who provides.

The 'Back to School' season is upon us, school resources are needed, budgets are tight after summer holidays, and those fears can creep in, "Will we have enough?", "Will it stretch?", "Will we be able to make it?"

We must remember where our hope lies.

Our hope is not in luck.

We don't have to wait around hoping the universe will align for us.

Our hope is not in our strength.

We don't have to try to do everything, strive, work harder.

Our hope is not in us being good enough.

We don't have to earn it, clean ourselves up, make ourselves more presentable, more favourable.

Our hope is in God's goodness.

All we have to do is remember, our Hope is in Him.
He is the One who made the universe and everything in it.
He is the One who is stronger, who is greater than us.
He is the One who has died, who has made Himself enough, for us.

He is our Hope.

If like us you're clinging to the Hope of the Nations that is Jesus, the Father God who provides, the Spirit who leads us besides still waters, then be encouraged, you're not alone. We're with you! And so is your Heavenly Father.
Lean into Him, depend on Him, call out to Him.

Bible Verses: God Provides
Have a read of these to encourage you.

Bible Verses - God Provides


Start writing down your needs, keep it visible for you. As a reminder to ask your Father, ask the One who you Hope in, the One who provides for the birds and will provide for you.  Then make another visible list - A Thankful List - of the things you see, the things you get given, the ways God provided. Sometimes you’ll be able to tick off the first list, but more importantly you’ll be encouraging yourself with seeing God’s goodness to you in your life. Try it!

God may be slow, but He is never late.
Trust His timing.

Are you leaning in? Relying on him for your needs? Start now. And let these ⬇️ help you! 

Let's talk RESOURCES!
Printables for your bigger kids to do a Bible study together on My Father Provides.

Click for Playdoh Mats

Click for Playdoh Mats

Look up the verses, make notes, and prayers. Or use the blank one to include your own verses!

Available in green and orange, or pink and purple.

Printables for your little kiddos

Use these playdoh mats to teach your kids about how God provides for us, as He cares more for us than the birds.

And as for you my friends, here is a FREE downloadable wallpaper for your phone.
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Enjoy my friends!

Big love and blessings, as we cling tightly to the truth together.

Amy xoxo



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