I'm Amy. I'm home educating our 2 cubs, overseeing the Kids Ministry at our Church Plant in NYC and trying to remember what day of the week it is. 
I really believe:
making disciples starts at home.

I Will Follow Jesus Bible Storybook by Judah Smith

I Will Follow Jesus Bible Storybook by Judah Smith

I Will Follow Jesus Bible Storybook by Judah Smith

How do you encourage your children to follow Jesus? 

Following his footsteps, following his voice, following his character.

There’s no formula, or guarantee, but when we follow Jesus and trust Him to lead our children we partner with him in the greatest mission, the best adventure. Seeing our kiddos meet Jesus for themselves.

RLD Children's Bible review

One of the ways we can encourage this is by reading wonderful Bible stories, equipping them with the tools they need for when they are old enough to read a ‘big Bible’.
We teach them to read, to listen, to ask questions. We give them the space for curiosity, mystery, prayer and response to the Word of God that is living and active ready to bring life, love and transformation to the littlest of hearers.

Our reading is not in vain.
Our training is for their reward.

So here’s a children’s Bible I’d highly recommend for children aged 4-8. Written by @judahsmith and @chelseasmith and I love it particularly because it uses some stories I haven’t yet seen in other popular kids bibles, some of my favourite stories - Philip the evangelist, who shared the Gospel with a stranger on the road, baptised him and then vanished as the Holy Spirit took him away. I used to pray God would do this with me when I was late for school hehe.

RLD book review Judah Smith

I’ve not come across many Bibles that include an extensive amount of stories of the disciples adventures after Jesus had ascended, and Paul and the apostles are travelling around equipping the Churches. So I was really excited to see this Bible does include some of these adventures, including Paul shipwreck, and the earthquake in the jail cell with Paul and Silas.

RLD book review Judah Smith2

Between most of the stories is a mini introduction, where the authors share their thoughts or stories of their own in order to help children connect the Bible story that follows, to their own lives and those of others around them.

And following most of the stories is a section “I will follow Jesus” - another very effective and beautiful way of summarising the story, teaching how we can apply it to our lives and a mini prayer for us to repeat.

RLD book review Judah Smith3

This beautiful include the stories of Ruth, Naomi, Hannah and Esther as well, which is wonderful. I consider it very important to share the female voices, stories and characters in the Bible so I was really pleased to see these included.


And the message from beginning to end is Will You Follow Jesus? .

I hope you enjoy it as much as us.

You can get it here.


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