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Indescribable - 100 Devotions about God & Science

Indescribable - 100 Devotions about God & Science

Indescribable - 100 Devotions about God & Science

Science and faith go together!

”Throughout this book, we’ll explore the incredibly, indescribably awesome universe that God created and holds in His hands.” Louie Giglio

A fantastic book recommendation for your little ones ages 6+ to read as a morning devotional (or any time you like!) to encourage wonder and awe at God’s creation and the wisdom in the Bible - Indescribable by Louie Giglio is a must buy. We spotted it at a friends house while in England and I’d been meaning to get it for SO long but hey what did we find waiting for us on our kitchen table when we came home to NYC?! THIS!
I love how God does that. .

We have been starting each morning with it, thinking about the verses and the fun science facts and praying into it for our day. We are still using our Daily Grace Co Kid’s Bible Journals which they LURVE and using both together works great for ages 6+.

We love to draw the pictures while we read, to help solidify the stories and remember the facts. What do you do while you read the Bible or do your devotional?

If you’d like to focus on specific topics in the Universe, the Introduction shows you all the page numbers for the themes of Space, Earth, Animals and People. There are some really awesome facts and discoveries to make, and as you do each of the stories will be related back to a Bible verse for you to discuss together.


Anger like a volcano spewing hot molten rock…

Telling lies can weave a web like a spinning spider…

Hovering and waiting for God like a hummingbird hovers in the air…

Unlikely friends between fish and shark, reminds us that God looks at the heart…

RLD Indescribable Book review

At the end of each lesson, is a prayer to do together and an extra source of amazement, the BE AMAZED part includes more interesting science facts to enjoy.

There are all sorts of lessons for you and your kiddos to learn and discuss together. Lessons for friendship, lessons for the mind, lessons for building character and lessons to spark wonder and praise in our Creator God!

Lessons for the heart, like be still and know, when you feel like a tornado…

RLD Indescribable book review

This book has been wonderful for us and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Why not pray about it and buy it for a friend, you never know who might be hoping for it. 😉

Go get it HERE.



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