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A Dream Come True by Jordan Scrimshire - Book Review

A Dream Come True by Jordan Scrimshire - Book Review

A Dream Come True by Jordan Scrimshire

When an advert for this lovely book popped up on my social media feed, I was so excited! It was advertised as a book to teach children about the Holy Spirit so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

I reached out to Jordan to see if she’d send me a copy to review for her, I was so pleased to discover she was delightful and very happy to oblige.

A Dream Come True is a sweet story bringing to life a metaphorical and illustrational telling of how God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit worked together to make ‘The Bride of Christ’ - The Church

Here are some Bible references John 3:29 / Revelation 19:7 / Ephesians 5:27 / Revelation 21:2 regarding the Church as a bride, prepared and presented to himself.

Some may find the ending a bit of a stretch to the metaphor - however it sparked great conversation for me and the children as we discussed God loving his people just like a bridegroom loves his bride, and they become one married to each other. If we teach our children well, we don’t need to worry about them taking everything literally. Jesus was very happy to speak in parables and allegories, and children’s books continue this successful approach too. So when it comes to unpacking big theological topics for little hearts, sometimes simple illustrations and ideas can help them paint this picture.


The story follows 1 Corinthians 12:12-27, as Paul describes the Church to be like a human body. The book humorously and delightfully imagines if each part were to consider itself better than, or less than or doubt its purpose how God would respond. The foot talks to God the Father, and the ear to Jesus, and so forth… about their place in this great big body. All to enable us to talk to our children about God’s beautiful design of humanity, and of his Church - all being made equal in our differences, design and purpose, but needing one another to be at our best.


It would have been wonderful to have a book focused on the Holy Spirit, helping children understand how to hear Him, understand Him and be led by Him. And while this book does talk about the role of the Holy Spirit in helping each part find their place (as He does with us in our mission) it is definitely a book primarily focused on encouraging and educating children in understanding their place in the Body of Christ.


Overall, a very sweet book, I’d recommend to the family. And may it inspire you to follow in Jordan’s footsteps and self-publish* your own dreams and creative ideas whether it’s a teen novel or unpacking the Bible for little ones around you. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you make your dreams come true!

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Amy xoxo

*As expected with self-published prints, the paper isn’t always the best quality and sadly ours was delivered on a rainy day and some of the pages had crinkled and stuck together - not the fault of the author, but if you’re imagining a hardback/thick print take note of changing your expectations.

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