Easter Countdown Colouring Postcards

Easter Countdown Colouring Postcards


Countdown to Easter with these colouring postcard stories.

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Counting Down to Easter.

Just like a Christmas Advent Calendar, but this Colouring Calendar counts down to Easter. 

9 days, a postcard for each day, colouring pictures on both sides, story with questions and prayers on the back.

Engage your children with snippets of the story, while thinking about the principles for our own lives.

Includes hidden easter eggs and bunny to find on each page, as well as a 'crack the code' game.

At the end of the Calendar, enjoy reflecting with your kids on who to tell the good news about Jesus, and encourage them as Jesus' Little Disciples, to write their own stories down. Just like the disciples did.

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Happy Easter!

Thanks and credit to Creative Clips, RamoniaM, EDUclips, DS Art, via www.teacherspayteachers.com for clip art.