Names of God Wheel

Names of God Wheel


Learn about the names of God with this home made spinning wheel.

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Spin your way to God's names.

An excellent fun tool for memorizing God's Old Testament names and Jesus' I AM statements.

Download also includes a blank template for you to use as you wish, draw pictures, learn colours, use for school sight words, or just enjoy decorating.

You will need:

•Cardstock (for best results)

•Coloring pencils/pens/paints


•Split Pins (aka Paper Fasteners / Cotter Pins)


How to:

Print out the templates

Draw a picture on the front of your wheel & write Names of God

Discuss the names of God and what they mean for us

In each section draw a picture to help remember who God is.
e.g. a sheep for Shepherd, or eyes for Who Sees

Or you could choose colors that represent each characteristic.
e.g. Blue for Lord My Peace

Once you’re finished, put the circles together, push a split pin through the middle of both, securing them and you’re done!

Spin Spin Spin!


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