Pack of 6 Valentine's Craft

Pack of 6 Valentine's Craft


Pack of 6 Printables for Valentine's Craft

Teach your children about encouragement and why it's good to encourage our friends. For in the home and the classroom.

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Valentine's Day Craft Printables

Make your own Valentine's Cards with your kids.

Pack includes Title, Terms and
6 Pages of Craft invitation:

1. Bee Mine - Friends Cards back and front - fold into a card or stick back to back

2. A Good Friend - Mini cards or fold into a card or cut & stick as inserts into the previous card

3. "I love you to pieces" - A4 Poster - Art invitation - cut and stick pieces of paper on to the heart

4. "I love you to pieces...of candy" - Square Postcards - smaller version of the heart art invitation, cut and stick back to back, tape on a piece of candy on to the front

5. Let Love Never LEAF You - A4 Poster - fingerprint and handprint art invitation

6. Heart Garland - Cut out the hearts, punch holes and string up

Printing on Cardstock is recommended.
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