11 Paged Pumpkin Pack

11 Paged Pumpkin Pack

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Having a Pumpkin Party? Get into the October festivities with 11 Pages of these Pumpkin Printables.

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Having a Pumpkin Party? Or Church Light Party?
Get into the October Festivities with 11 PAGES of these Pumpkin Printables.

Print on to cardstock for best results.

Ideas for your PUMPTASTIC activities:

🎃 Print big pumpkins and laminate for kids table mats to decorate with silly faces at dinner 🙌🏻

🎃 Print big pumpkin with face and decorate with craft items to add silly hair

🎃 Print small pumpkins to laminate for name cards for dinner (I LOVE a decorated table!!)🙋🏻‍♀️

🎃 Print pumpkin templates for coloring and decorating around the house -make a garland! 🎊

🎃Write clues on small pumpkins for candy treasure hunt. FUN!

🎃 Print verse cards to learn about Jesus being the LIGHT 🌟.

🎃 Print candle bookmarks to color and laminate 🕯

🎃 Print big pumpkin template as an “artist sketch” planning how they will cut and carve their REAL pumpkins 🎨

🎃 Make Pumpkin spice jars and print the small pumpkins as labels 🥫 P.S comment your best pumpkin spice recipes please!!!! .

🎃 Cut and Paste the letters in the right order, ✂️talk about the pumpkin that points a different direction being like us as little lights following Jesus

🎃 Print and hand out verse cards stuck with candy 🍬 *if you’re into that kinda thing* 😉

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